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I’m sorry, the ARC team is currently full. When and if spots open up in the future, I will recruit directly from my reader group, which you can join here. 

ARC team FAQ

What is the ARC team?

ARC stands for “advance review copy,” or a complimentary copy of a book sent out to dedicated readers. So my “ARC team,” as I call it, is a group of readers who I send these free books to. Sort of like a street team. My inner-circle, if you will.

What are the perks of joining the ARC team?

  2. exclusive newsletter and access to the ARC team page
  3. Exclusive promotions such as contests, t-shirts, meet-ups, and more
  4. The opportunity to become a beta reader (a reader who reads early drafts and offers comments and feedback) and have an impact on what happens in the stories
  5. access to the ARC team Facebook group

Does it cost money to join?

Nope. No credit card required 😛