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What do you want most in the world? Would you trade your free will for it?

Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer: The Complete First Season by author H. Duke

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Stephen King’s Dark Tower series in the Sonoran Desert!

Jesse is a small-town mechanic struggling to keep his deceased father’s auto-shop open. Jeremiah is a failed wizard with a violent past who just wants to go home. When Jeremiah rescues Jesse from a rumored drug lord and Gang Kingpin who seeks to control him through magical means, Jesse is thrust into a world of magic and sorcery that he never dreamed existed…

Jeremiah Jones Cowboy Sorcerer is a work of serial fiction (like a television show for your ereader!). Season one consists of eight episodes of approximately 17,000-20,000 words each. This listing is for the omnibus that contains the entire first season.

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