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Ten Tales of Holiday Horror

Ten Tales of Holiday Horror

Christmas is more scary than merry when you read these ten tales of holiday horror available in Kindle Unlimited!

Scary stories and Christmas go together like cookies and milk. To prove it, we’ve collected ten holiday horror reads. BONUS: they’re all available in Kindle Unlimited!

So give yourself or a friend an early Christmas scare – I mean, present. Lock the doors, spike the eggnog, look out for fat men in suits trying to climb down your chimney, and check out these ten tales of holiday horror! They’re sure to keep you up way past your bedtime!

Things on the Shelf: Three Tales of Christmas Terror by H. Duke

There’s a reason you never touch the elf…

When thrift store worker Erin finds a posable elf doll in a box of donations, she gets into the holiday spirit and starts posing it around the store. Everything is candy canes and sugar plums—until the elf starts moving on its own. Are her co-workers playing tricks on her, or is she going crazy? Because it’s just not possible that the elf doll is alive… right? Erin must find out the truth, or she stands to lose more than her Christmas bonus this year.


Read Things on the Shelf: Three Tales of Christmas Terror

Kringle: A Twisted Christmas Tale by Ron Chapman

We have heard and seen all the stories about Santa and the things he can do around Christmas time. Now it’s time for the Mrs. to step out of Santa’s shadow and show everyone exactly what she can do and when she is done… Christmas will never be the same for anyone; man, woman or child.

Read Kringle: A Twisted Christmas Tale

Shattered Ornaments by Brad Carr

Bert loves the Christmas season. Hosting a dinner party at the estate, his guests are full of holiday cheer. However, the party transforms into a living nightmare. Paranormal creatures are haunting them, one by one. What do these spirits want?

Read Shattered Ornaments on Amazon

Chthulhu Christmas and Other Lovecraftian Yuletide Tales

Cthulhu Christmas and other Lovecraftian Yuletide Tales blends the holly jolly warm feelings of Christmas with the unfathomable dread and absolute horror of H. P. Lovecraft. The ancient one arrives to borrow from A Nightmare Before Christmas, but good ole Cthulhu doesn’t want to be nice. No. He wants to feed off your fear! He wants to feast on your flesh and drink your blood.

Read Cthulhu Christmas and Other Lovecraftian Yuletide Tales

Festive Frights: Holiday Horror Stories to Remedy All That Sugar and Spice

A collection of holiday-themed horror tales, from reworkings of the classics to completely new fiction. Our contributors have pushed the boundaries of their imagination for this anthology, bringing you horrifying yet inspiringly original works of Festive Fiction.

Read Festive Frights: Holiday Horror Stories to Remedy All That Sugar and Spice

Christmas Horror Volume 2 

Christmas and a birthday collide, criminals get a holiday surprise, a man drifts through a life he once knew and Santa gets hungrier with each passing year. These are just some of the tales of terror found in Christmas Horror Volume 2, featuring all original fiction from Jeff Strand, Elizabeth Massie, Richard Chizmar, Gene O’Neill, Steve Rasnic Tem and William F. Nolan.

Read Christmas Horror Volume 2

Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

Four dark tales of the holiday spirit.

Read Dreaming of a Dark Christmas

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

Christmas is often thought of as a time of joy and cheer, a time for giving to others, a time of celebration and love…. Well, this year some of the best voices in horror fiction decided to band together and tell you some tales about a different kind of Christmas, so grab yourself a mug of hot chocolate, close the curtains, lock the door and get comfy. This will be a Christmas like never before!

Read Collected Christmas Horror Shorts

Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories

Matt Shaw has called upon some of the biggest names in horror to put together an anti-Christmas anthology of horror and weirdness! The proceeds earned from  the sale of this anthology will go to a different charity each month.

Read Bah! Humbug! An Anthology of Christmas Horror Stories 

Christmas Terror Tales – Stories to Enjoy from October through December

Sixteen gripping tales inspired by classical horror and urban legends twist holiday themes into chilling cautionary tales. A mischievous snowman frames the children who built him for its misdeeds. A haughty priest offers shelter to a hideous monster posing as an orphan. A father brings home a cursed Christmas tree resulting in a terrifying haunting experience for his family. From October through December, these stories of devils, spirits, murderers, monsters, and surprise twists will fascinate children and their parents.

Read Christmas Terror Tales – Stories to Enjoy from October through December 

Ten Tales of Holiday Horror in Kindle Unlimited to keep you up this Christmas Eve!

Will Ser Mormont be Dany’s Downfall? GOT Season 7 Theory

by HDukeAuthor 0 Comments

Game of THrones Season 7 Theory-will Ser Mormont's return lead to Daenarys' downfall?

Spoilers ahead.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones elicited a squee of delight from me when we saw the healing of Ser Jorah Mormont and his subsequent reunion with Daenarys. The unrequited love/friendship between The mother of dragons and her protector and oldest advocate is one of my favorite things about the series.

Alas, the world of GOT is cruel, and I soon developed a theory about the wayward knight’s return to Daenarys’ side. One of the driving questions of season 7 has been whether or not Daenarys will follow in the footsteps of her mad king father. Will she use her dragons to lay waste to King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocents in the process, or will she break the cycle of tyrannical rulers and be a true advocate for the people?

Unlike the people of Westeros, we the viewers have had the opportunity to follow Daenarys through the past six seasons and know she has always fought for the good of the masses. Which is why, if she is going to break character and descend into darkness, she would need a pretty damn good reason to justify it.

Like losing her oldest, closest, and most trusted friend, maybe?

Ugh. I don’t like typing that sentence. But we all know that the world of GOT is a harsh one, and that characters in it rarely get to have something good for very long, and the show went out of its way to put extra weight on the Jorah/Daenarys reunion. There was that long hug/kiss on the cheek, The “you’ve got to be kidding me, I just got you back” look she gave him when he volunteered to help Jon wrangle a white walker, and even a comment from Tyrion about her being happy to see him.

So here’s my theory: Jon and the A-team will successfully catch a white walker, and the scheduled meeting between House Lannister and House Targaryan will take place as planned. During the meeting, Cersei will execute some Cersei-level shenanigans, and Ser Jorah will either end up horrifically killed, horrifically maimed, or horrifically captured.

Effectively and believably motivating Daenaryus to go full Dark-Khaleesi and bring a dragon shit-storm down on King’s Landing and everyone in it.

What do think? Was Ser Mormont brought back just to motivate Daenaryus? Let me know in the comments!

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